Are we there yet?- A Maritime Adventure

We recently took a road trip to New Brunswick. Since I had never been to the Maritime provinces, I decided I was up for the adventure.

On the first day, we packed up the car and headed out for our first stop, Quebec City.   Once we made the 9 hour trip to Quebec City using our Mapquest instructions we immediately got lost. The instructions called for us to take a highway that we could not find to our downtown hotel.  After driving around town we finally gave up and used my iphone app to find our location. Immediately we were found and a map appeared showing us how to get to our destination. I love technology.

I booked our hotel on which I understand provides varied results. I have to say that when we drove up to the back side of our hotel I was not impressed. From the back it looked like an old warehouse and from the front it looked like a warehouse with flags. Since we were just stopping overnight we decided to take our chances. Upon check in we were pleasantly surprised to find a large, clean room with modern fixtures, although we were right next to the elevator.

The hotel was advertised to be a 15 minute walk from Old Quebec. When we ventured out for dinner we had a brisk 35 minute walk up and down steep hills to get to Old Quebec. The good news is that we knew our way around Old Quebec once we got there and we enjoyed the lovely sights and a wonderful dinner.

The next day we rose early and headed out to New Brunswick. It was another 6 hours of driving through Quebec and New Brunswick before we got to Fredericton. The drive through Quebec both ways was riddled with construction and aggressive drivers. We determined that there are more construction pylons in the province of Quebec than in the rest of provinces put together. Luckily, the drive in New Brunswick was more relaxed and picturesque with very few drivers on the road and roaming vistas on either side of the highway. We exhaled and enjoyed every minute of our stay in this lovely relaxing province.

While in New Brunswick we were able to experience some of the local fare in Fredericton. One place that really caught my attention was a chain of gourmet burger spots started by New Brunswick entrepreneur, Rivers Corbett and Chef Ray Henry. We are always on the lookout for great burgers so Relish Gourmet Burgers was a great choice for lunch. The menu offers a long list of specialty burgers each named for their special topping combinations. My burger was a “L.A. Lady” which came with sliced ripe avocado, sweet roasted red peppers, basil pesto and creamy goat cheese. The burgers come with New Brunswick homestyle fries and Cole slaw and a drink. We were pleased to experience such friendly staff and to taste the sumptuous gourmet burgers.

One day we drove down to the Bay of Fundy so we could see the Hopewell Rocks. This natural wonder is well worth the visit. Each day 100 billion tons of sea water flows in and out of the Bay of Fundy. The water rises and falls twice where the tides are the highest in the world. It takes approximately 6 hours for the tide to rise and fall again. You can walk out onto the beach while the tide is out, but you must move quickly when the tide is rising. Scurry up to the lookout and you will quickly be seeing the water climb onto the beach and up the rocks. It does not take long for the beach to be covered in water.

If you are ever in the Maritime provinces on vacation, I highly recommend this park. It is now on the list of my 10 favourite places in Canada.

After enjoying a day in the Bay of Fundy I recommend a lobster dinner in one of the local fishing villages like Alma. New Brunswick is definitely worth a return trip and further exploration.


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