Another Adventure in Tofino, BC


We recently flew off to Vancouver Island to seek refuge from the freezing winter temperatures in Toronto. We were also traveling to welcome a new addition to my friend’s family, Liam, who was a little over a week old.

In true BC style, we were only there a day or two when we set out on an adventure with the baby in tow. We drove to Tofino on the other side of the island so that my friend Joseph and his son-in-law, Wade, could set off in search of a crashed 1945 plane. The RCAF Canso Flight 11007 took off from the RCAF Air Station in Tofino on February 8, 1945 but crashed in the woods not far south of the airport. Miraculously, the 12 crew members survived and made it out to safety but the plane remains at the crash site deep in the woods south of town.

For the past 70 years, hikers have braved the deep woods, unmarked trails and muddy marshland to find the plane just so that they can say they made it. It is a tough 3 hour hike through mud and marshland best made wearing rubber boots. That said, our fellows decided to try it without waterproof gear. Close to the crash site Joseph slipped off a fallen wet tree trunk, while traversing it across a gully, falling 4 feet  and hitting it on his way down. They made it back to the road hobbling and covered in mud, Wade’s pants showing wear and tear of the journey.

Photo by J.S.Swider

Photo by J.S.Swider

Photo by J.S.Swider

Photo by J.S.Swider

While the guys were hiking Mom, and Baby and I relaxed over a deliciious lunch at Sobo Restaurant and shopped around town. I love the atmosphere in Tofino where locals enjoy life with a true sense of adventure.

We waited for a call that they had made it back the highway and drove down to pick them up. I was surprised to see Joseph walking with a tall walking stick, since he is quite an athlete, but both had smiles of accomplishment on their faces.  I surmised that the hike was much more difficult than they had expected.

Wolf in the Fog

We ended our day over a relaxing dinner at The Wolf in the Fog. We were excited to experience this wonderful place after it was named Canada’s Best New Restaurant 2014 by Air Canada’s Enroute magazine. We wanted to know what the fuss was about.

When we arrived Joseph was still muddy up to one knee and a little worse for wear. Nevertheless; the staff welcomed us and found us a spot in the cafe where we could snuggle up for dinner.



Chef Nicholas Nutting prepared wonderful West Coast comfort food from local ingredients. We decided to order 2 plates to share. The first was the French Bombshell consisting of scallops, shellfish “Bourguignon”, black cod, baguette and endive salad. Our second choice was the Mighty Duck featuring whole BC duck, beetroot and Gorgonzola lasagna with blood orange. The flavour combinations on these platters were amazing!


I love that the plates and the serving platters were vintage china, making it all feel very like Sunday dinner at Grandma’s place. I loved the casual ambience and the feeling that we could just relax and enjoy the wonderful food with friends and family. It had been a long day and we were ready for a feeling of comfort and some great food.


In spite of its more modern decor, Wolf in the Fog has a retro feel to it. The staff were attentive and the service was good. I enjoyed the full size LPs playing classic rock music in the ground floor cafe. It reminded us of simpler times.The evening was filled with stories of the day, laughter and memories.


The restaurant deserves it’s great reviews. The staff were welcoming and the food was amazing. I cannot wait until our next trip to Tofino so we can go back.


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