Checking out Seattle at Pike’s Place Market


I am so excited! I arrived in Seattle on Wednesday for the International Food Bloggers Conference IFBC2013. My plan was to get here a couple of days early so I would have time to explore Seattle.

Yesterday I got up extra early so I could have breakfast at the famous Pike’s Place Market. It was definitely worth getting up early for. I arrived at the market by 8 AM, bought a croissant and latte and watched the place come to life.




One of the things that you must see at the market is the floor show put on by the fish mongers at Pike’s Place Fish Company. They call out to each other every time someone buys a fish and throw the fish to the cashier for packing. I have never seen such a variety of fresh fish or in such large sizes. I don’t think there is a fish lover in the world who would not love to check this part of the market out.




The market also offers a great variety of produce from local growers and beautiful flowers from the region. There are also craft vendors and spice shops and across from the market is a row of cafes and specialty shops and bakeries.

It was a great way to spend a morning while passing time in Seattle.

Today the conference starts. I am up and ready to go. I am really looking forward to spending time with other food bloggers from all over the world.



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