Figs with Young Pecorino and Honey

My life seems to be going through a huge transition at the moment. I have been taking stock of what is important to me and have started a whole new routine of exercise and health eating. I am feeling wonderful and strong and content with the direction that my health is going.

A few months ago I was put on medication for high blood pressure. For the doctor to tell me this was a huge wake up call. I come from a family with a long history of heart disease. I have known all of my life that I needed to take care of my health but I always thought any symptoms would show up much later in life. Now I am faced with the reality that I needed to change my lifestyle.

Part of the new regime is a renewed interest in cycling. I have finally found my self the perfect bike at a used bike shop. I took her out on her inaugural ride on Victoria Day so my bike is now known as Victoria. She is a lovely blue Norco hybrid that came with only the basics, but rides like a dream.

I scoped out some important accessories for Victoria last weekend by picking up some lights for night riding and pannier bag and a lock. I also bought some sporty bike gloves for me to wear as I navigate the city trails in style. I rode 47km in total last weekend and plan to get in regular trips all summer.

I also own a blue car that I named after Grace Kelly because it is a classic, elegant sports car painted in a rich Monaco blue. I have not driven Grace much over the past few months but plan to find a bike rack for her so Grace and Victoria and I can go on adventures together. Perhaps a cycling day in Niagara wine country or exploring Prince Edward County is in order.

My healthy eating regime is often supplemented by a protein shake which I am advised will help rebuild muscles. I continue to try new recipes that are healthy and easy to make. I purchased two cookbooks by Yotam Ottelenghi called Plenty and Ottelenghi The Cookbook. Both of these gorgeous books feature recipes from this famous London-based restaurant that are both a delight to the eye as well as the palate. I plan to try out more of the recipes in the coming months.

Figs with Young Pecorino and Honey

Makes 4 servings as a starter


2 tbsp. good quality honey
3 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil
8 ripe green or black figs
10 oz. young pecorino cheese or similar cheese
½ cup fresh arugula
¼ cup fresh basil leaves
Coarse sea salt and black pepper


Whisk together the honey and olive oil and season with salt and pepper to taste. Cut the figs into quarters. Use your hands to tear the cheese into large chunks.

Arrange the arugula, basil, figs and pecorino in layers on serving plates or a large platter. Drizzle over the honey dressing as you go along, and finish with some freshly ground black pepper.

Recipe modified from Ottolenghi The Cookbook by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi


7 thoughts on “Figs with Young Pecorino and Honey

  1. I should rellay be tarred and feathered, as I have a huge fig tree in my backyard and have not used a single one this season. What is wrong with me?! I think I was just looking for new inspiration about what to do with them. Looks like I found it:)

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