Chef Lynn Crawford Returns to Her Roots

Last night I had a great time at Toronto’s George Brown College, School of Culinary Arts. I was attending a book signing event for George Brown College Alumni, Chef Lynn Crawford’s new cookbook, Pitchin In. The book is a wonderful compilation of the recipes and food ingredients that Chef Lynn experienced while filming her TV show, Pitchin In. The book is filled with beautiful photos, and loads of wonderful recipes that I cannot wait to try.

The evening was filled with laughter and excitement while Lynn graciously shared her experiences while filming the show and throughout her extensive culinary career.  The room was filled with young chefs in training and fans of Chef Lynn who came from all over Ontario in spite of a winter storm.

Lynn has such an enormous passion for food and for people who her excitement is contagious. She may be Canada’s top female chef but talking to her is like talking to a neighbour or a friend. She has the charismatic personality that makes you feel happy to meet her.

Chef Lynn started her culinary career in Toronto after training at George Brown College. She went on to gain international acclaim during her 24 year years with the Four Seasons Hotels which included time as the Executive Chef in both the Toronto and New York City hotels. She has been seen on the Food Network on Restaurant Makeover, Iron Chef America, Pitchin In and recently as a judge on Top Chef Canada.

She returned to Toronto in 2010 to open her restaurant Ruby WatchCo and her gourmet store Ruby Eats in Toronto’s trendy Riverdale/Leslieville area. I have not yet been to Ruby Watchco but I do plan to go soon.

Special thanks to our hosts for the evening, The Cookbook Store.


One thought on “Chef Lynn Crawford Returns to Her Roots

  1. Really enyejod the brightful positive spirit Lynn radiates, simply uplifting! thanks and wishes for all the best to both of you,namaste.

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